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Technically named Cedar Creek Reservoir, the lake was completed in 1964 as a water source to Fort Worth and other local communities in North Texas. Cedar Creek Lake is not only a vacation destination but is also home to permanent residents enjoying the lake life.

Continuing a family vision

Cedar Creek Lake Getaways, a division of Hinkley Enterprises, is a short-term residential management company specializing in vacation rental properties located around Cedar Creek Lake. John and Colleen Hinckley had a vision of combining the comforts of home with the wonder of Cedar Creek Lake to provide the best possible vacation experience.


Morgan Hinckley Page spent many years enjoying the breathtaking East Texas sunsets disappearing on the watery horizon and now calls the area home. After taking over her parents’ business, Morgan is committed to continuing their vision by booking your perfect getaway at Cedar Creek Lake – a world away with an easy commute from the daily grind.

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